We are a premier systems integrator & services provider for the most reputed brands in the world. From startups to Fortune 500, our clients are our priority. We have a proven track record, industry leading experts, and are working with cutting edge technology. Let's get started!


How can we help you?

  • Embedded Design & Development

    And-Or Logic is a renowned and proven design center with extensive knowledge of hardware, operating systems, and performance tools. Our teams have substantial expertise with OEMs and custom hardware implementations. We specialize in designing, developing and testing software that performs in limited resource environments. Device drivers, layouts, board customization with assembly level and performance optimization skills enable us to deliver world class solutions across a number of verticals - automotive, networking, telecom, aerospace, etc.

    Services Portfolio:

    • Boot loader customization and porting
    • Board Support Packages and Device Drivers for various reference and custom designs
    • Firmware across different platforms (ARM, Blackfin, Cavium, Tilera, and more ...
    • Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) - Embedded Linux, VxWorks
    • Logical and physical drivers for various protocol stacks
    • Development and Porting of Applications

  • FPGA Consulting

    We have built a reputation as an industry leading professional services company to deliver quality designs on time and budget. Many of our designs have won our clients awards at prestigious conferences. We have experience and design tools for all major platforms and vendors. Our teams will take your design from concept to verification and migration.

    Range of Services:

    • Specification Development
    • FPGA Development
    • IP Integration
    • RTL Verification
    • ASIC Migration

    Areas of Expertise:

    • High speed designs
    • T1/E1/E3/D1 Stream Processing
    • Crypto Cores, VoIP Engine, Packet Processing
    • USB Cores
    • PCI Express
    • Digital Signal Processing in FPGAs
    • Video/Image Processing

  • Application Development

    We are the partner of choice for the leading companies in the world for world-class design and application development. We help companies and manufacturers of all size create innovative solutions and substantially reduce time to market with optimal cost efficiency. We work with ODMs and OEMs across different industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, manufacturing, handheld devices, telecom, video and multimedia, security, and more ... We have deep domain knowledge of frameworks such as .NET, J2EE, Zend, and RoR.

    Anyone can write code. Does that really mean that you should hand critical application development to anyone? We have a proven track record, an exceptional team, and all the platforms and tools you'll need. Let us know how we can help you.


How we do it


We have an established collection of activities that consider all client requirements from modularity to maintenance and extensibility.


We are strong practitioners of Agile practices. We believe in iterative development and customer centric processes to give our clients full insight into the product life cycle.


The need to reduce time to market requires effective and nimble deployment processes to stay ahead of the game. Our team of experts can offer a sound strategy.


We have customized support programs to ensure that our customers and their customers are always operating at maximum productivity and efficiency.


Leading Partner for World Renowned Brands

We offer the ultimate outsourcing experience. Let's get started now.


Join our team

At And-Or Logic, we believe in our team. We rely on the best and the brightest to contribute. From fresh college grads to experienced professionals, we bring together the best to solve tough challenges. Working with And-Or Logic, you can be part of a creative and talented team.

PCB Designer

Strong knowledge of PCB Design and Schematics

Experience in Design by Constraint

Strong Collaborative Skills

Knowledge of Fabrication and Assembly Methods

Mixed Signal Boards

Digital Boards

Controlled Impedance Boards

Analog Signal Boards

Embedded Engineer

Expert in C/C++

Proficient in Embedded Linux or other operating systems

Very familiar with ARM Architecture

Hardware Tools Knowledge (Oscilloscopes/etc)

Quick to learn new Technologies

Porting Applications to new platforms

Performance Tools and Optimization Knowledge

Software Engineer

Experience developing LAMP Applications using PHP, AJAX, JS

Strong foundation in MySQL and relational database

Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS

Strong Linux skills and scripting knowledge

Excellent Problem Solving and Analytical Skills

Ability to deliver features on time per spec